Consumer/ Commercial

Consumer & Commercial

Omega’s unique business model will help you transition from product development into production better than ever before.

Omega will assist you in obtaining optimum manufacturing solutions and provide you with choices to support your most challenging projects including the following:

Omega has been providing these capabilities and services to industry leaders in the Commercial and Consumer marketplace for over 30 years.

  • Product design assistance including Moldflow analysis
  • Quick turnaround on functional prototype tooling, parts, and assemblies
  • Short runs and/or low to mid-volume production
  • Omega specializes in providing exceptional manufacturing capabilities and services during the Launch Phase of a new project
  • Omega offers a wide array of inspection services to meet your most demanding validation requirements
  • We provide an ideal platform to gain critical knowledge of the transition from prototyping to production.
  • Omega provides an open forum for you and your supply chain to capture lessons learned and transfer that knowledge for application to your volume production
  • Unlike most other full-service plastic injection molding suppliers, Omega offers customers the opportunity to utilize our highly automated mold manufacturing services to build your mold and ship it to the destination of your choice if that works best for your project
  • Bridge tooling options to fill your early or start of production needs during the construction process of your high volume production tooling

  • The following are examples of the types of products we have significant experiences in manufacturing...

    • Caps
    • Closures
    • Living hinges
    • Tubs